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Think of the worst weather conditions you can imagine – rain, sleet, salt spray. That’s exactly what we’ve designed our extensive line of Wabash Valley outdoor furniture and site amenities to withstand, thanks to their tough PLASTISOL coating. These coated pieces consist of ¼” PLASTISOL coating, heat-fused and permanently bonded to the steel – that’s 30 times the thickness of paints and powder coatings. All Wabash Valley framework is coated with baked-on polyester dry powder, which provides a superior coating and appearance.

picnic table

Since its beginning, Wabash Valley continues to be the leader in the PLASTISOL coated site amenity and furniture industry. We strive to offer the widest selection, highest quality and best prices in the market. We offer a wide range of picnic tables. Many are available in 6′, 8′ and 10′ lengths. To meet the needs of the disabled, ADA accessible designs are offered.

Signature Picnic Table … our most popular. The Signature Series are perfect for picnic areas, schools, parks or any heavy traffic settings. Tables are constructed from 3/4″ #9 expanded steel mesh. With its durable construction, you can never go wrong with this heavy-duty, all-purpose furniture.


We offer a wide range of benches. Choose from PLASTISOL-coated steel, wood, fiberglass, recycled plastic and aluminum. Many are available in 2′, 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, 15′ lengths, offering the flexibility to fit your area.

One of our most popular benches is our standard Signature Bench. These models are available in portable, inground, surface mount or wall mount mounting options. All mounting options are constructed from 2 3/8″ O.D. galvanized steel tubing. The seat measures 10″ wide and each size is available with or without backs.

trash receptacles

When it comes to litter receptacle choices, we offer a large variety. The sizes range from a 10-gallon pole mount receptacle to a 55-gallon free-standing receptacle, and there are various sizes in between. Our insert receptacles are offered in our diamond, welded wire or rib patterns. This is a 32-gallon receptacle that comes standard with a liner and adjustable glides. The glides are perfect for indoor applications, keeping the receptacle off of the floor and preventing scratching. To complement the receptacle, we offer a dome top or one of our three flat-top lids. Our inground or surface mount post packages can be used with these receptacles (lids and leg mounts are sold separately). Choose from PLASTISOL-coated steel, wood, fiberglass, or recycled plastic.

tree planters

To complement our line of site amenities, we offer a wide range of sizes and shapes of our planters. They are available in both the diamond and welded wire pattern. They come in both round and square styles, and a small as 24″ x 18″ to as large as 48″ x 30″. They are sold standard with a black molded plastic liner (white is available upon request).


ash urns

To add to our long list of accessories, we offer our ash urn and our ash/trash unit. The ash urns are available in both our diamond pattern and our welded wire pattern. Our ash/trash unit is only available in our diamond pattern. Both units come standard with a black tray. The ash/trash unit has a 4 3/4″ diameter hole for the trash, which is collected in a 13 1/4″ x 8″ diameter galvanized container. An inground post package can be used with both units.


Wabash Valley offers two styles of umbrellas. Our standard umbrellas, which are available in 7 1/2′ or 8 1/2′ sizes, and our market umbrellas which are only available in a 9′ size. Our standard umbrellas are constructed from an aluminum frame, and are opened and closed through a crank system. The standard umbrellas can be ordered with any of the textilene fabrics or our polyester fabrics. Our market umbrellas are only available in the olefin fabrics.


urbanSCAPE by wabash valley

Urbanscape gives you the best of both worlds … our commitment to distinctive design and an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. This is furniture unlike anything seen before, backed by the manufacturing quality and excellence you have always known from Wabash Valley.

Although Urbanscape gives a high-end look, it is not high-priced. This line can fit any budget as well as it fits into virtually any landscape. You achieve a head-turning look without eye-popping costs — one more way Urbanscape is the smarter choice you can make.

Urbanscape has a realistic faux-wood finish that is yet another way you get the best of both worlds. Beneath the surface is the strength, durability and reliability of a powder-coated aluminum structure. With the faux-wood finish, you get the look and beauty of real wood without any of the headaches of real wood such as breakage, warping or rot. This is faux wood; so good you won’t visually see a difference from nature’s wood.

It’s probably true that we are all designers at heart. You seek the ideal look … perhaps that perfect touch with subtle curves that present great looks and impresses all who see it. That is why Urbanscape is not only engineered it is architecturally designed. In developing this line, Wabash Valley teamed up with two very talented and internationally renowned firms, Garofalo Architects headquartered in Chicago, and John Caldwell Design headquartered in California.

Most Urbanscape products are protected under one or more of the following patents (other patents pending):
D564,802; D570,065; D570,066; D571,581S; D572,048; D572,947; D572,047; D574,639.

green valley by wabash valley

Green Valley offers an environmentally friendly alternative. Constructed with Poly Tuf™ plastic lumber ( for seats and tops; framework is powder coated steel) custom-extruded from recycled plastics, Green Valley benches, tables and receptacles are long-lasting and nearly maintenance-free. They also don’t have the drawbacks of real wood, such as fading, insects, cracking and splintering.

Unlike most wood and wood-composite products that quickly fade when exposed to the weather, the Poly Tuf™ surfaces have no wood fibers so they retain their vibrant look for years. In addition, they don’t need waterproofing, staining or any other maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water.

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