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 Earthscape is a collection of kids-at-heart who are dedicated to designing and building amazing playgrounds for serious fun around the world. We combine landscape architecture, industrial design, engineering, carpentry and project management to bring brilliant playground concepts to life.

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Inclusive, Innovative, Unique and Challenging

Our wood playground structures and sculptures have grown larger, taller, more technical and more intricate to maximize play value. Now, Earthscape is a leader in the renaissance of custom playgrounds, incorporating natural materials, creative site-based design, and the highest quality construction. Inspired by children and play around the world, we are passionate about building serious fun.

3 Level Timber Tower

The Timber Tower is a modern approach to playground towers, with vertical cladding on each side along with stainless steel mesh panels for visibility into the structure (and to see the amazing views!). The angled roof of the tower makes this a striking aesthetic addition to the playground. Each side of the Timber Tower is customizable with a different means of access or egress. The combinations of features mean this structure can accommodate many users at once, whether they’re exploring solo or playing in groups.


Climb, climb, keep climbing! The 3 level Timber Tower is our MOST epic playground tower in the Collections group. With incredible interior play value, this playground structure incorporates ropes, nets, slides, flex form, and more into a huge structure that can be even more incredible when combined with other towers.


Log Piles give children open-ended play opportunities. Some children may begin by climbing on the logs and laying on their back or front  finding a sense of balance while stretched along the tree trunk. Others may feel more comfortable crawling, sitting, or climbing over the logs, moving toward the ultimate challenge of walking along the tops, and stepping from branch to branch.

Log Piles offer an organic climbing experience that mimics fallen trees found on a forest floor. They can be used in combination with other pieces – like rope challenge elements, log jams, and post and rope – to create natural play circuits. These are great environments to introduce higher challenge play opportunities to younger children.


Swinging and moving – creating a feeling of external motion from moving your own body – that is the essence of kinetic play. Balance, strength, coordination, and gross motor skills are all developed in kinetic play. Our swings and wobble boards are ideal natural playground pieces that will complement play options like log jams, log piles, towers, or post and rope.


Imagine having a house that is exactly your size! It is the perfect place for just you or a small group of friends. Grown-ups don’t really fit well so it truly feels like a magical hideaway. Play huts are a must-have playground feature for young children.


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