fabric shelters & pavilions

cloth roof shelter structures with recycled frames

shade shelters for any size area

High-quality tension shade systems that will significantly lower temperatures, our systems provide up to 98% UV protection and up to 98% shade.

All products are designed by industry-leading designers and engineers who possess the special expertise and experience demanded by architects and required by governments. All products come with a factory warranty on fabrics that will last 10 years. The steel frames and related concrete foundations for the shade canopy are designed and engineered in conformance with required building codes and easily withstand the highest wind speeds specified.

Many styles and shapes are available such as: Hip & Multi-Hip Roofs, Full & Semi-Cantilever, Center Post and Cantilever Umbrellas, T-Bar, Hexagonal, Triangular and Hypar Sails, and Multi Sail Configurations. All are custom-built to your exact specifications.

With DSA-approved models, we are a leading supplier to public school districts & colleges in California. We also work directly with architects and designers to help design and specify shade products for use in new construction.

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